Back to the Roots (BTTR) project has been transforming villages in Telugu States for past 7 years. This project revived cultural heritage, restored family values and promoted health and hygiene in many villages and also made many of them self-sufficient and self-governing model villages. Several of them have received various awards including Swatch Bharat, Alcohol Free, and Plastic Free awards- below email has some details. Some of the project trainees became sarpanchs for their respective villages.

Sudhakar Garu is the project director. He earlier worked in US for 10 plus years, left his great career in US and moved back to India to help the villages. He has been working full time for BTTR project for past 7 years and empowered several villages. More details of project including key achievements are below.

About Sacramento Projects
Sacramento group plans to adopt two villages and help them transformed. BTTR selected Astanagurthy as the village in Telangana, which is located in Wyra Mandal and Khammam District. BTTR is currently in the phase of selecting village in Andhra Pradesh. The work has started in Astanagurthy in September 2017. The details of works happened/happening/planned in Astanagurthy are available at http://www.backtotherootsproject.org/progress).