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Did you know that:
-34,000 Temples are closed in 5 years for economic reasons
-Village youth would rather be a coolie or an office boy than be called a farmer
-Blood on our farms: 150,000 farmers committed suicide in 10 years
-Native breeds of grains were burnt and replaced by Genetically Modified seeds
-Indian culture on the decline:It is ironic that Indians abroad are more engaged in preserving the culture and heritage than villages in India
-Girls would not show interest to marry farmers or pujaris.
-Beef Export: India will displace the United States as the world's third largest beef exporter, behind Brazil and Australia.

Back to the Roots Team members are very excited to share with you that, our Youth Leader, D.Venkata Giri was awarded a “Certificate of Merit” for achieving 100% sanitation in our adopted village “Narayanarajupeta (NR Peta, Visakhapatnam District) by involving the villages in the prestigious “Swatch Bharat Mission Programme”.Type your paragraph here.

A silent and almost invisible disturbing transformation is taking place in our villages, which surprisingly many of us are not aware of.  Our society, back in India is in serious decline.  Our social and cultural values are becoming degraded.  Our temples are in decline due to lack of patronage and improper maintenance.  The result of our indifference could create irreversible changes to our rich cultural heritage, religious secularism, farming practices and, social and family values.  If we do not take responsibility, our future generations may go through many difficulties.  Unless we act in time, there may be such changes in the demography of the country that it may be very difficult to reverse the process.

 Mission:BACK TO THEROOTS is a rural and Rural Leadership development program for maintaining and strengthening the socio-economic and cultural heritage of Telugu people in the twin States of AP & TS, restoring family values, promoting education in health and hygiene, and developing self-reliant, self-sufficient and self-governing model villages (Adarsh Gram).

(Adopt Villages – Create Leaders)
"Strengthening the socio-economic and cultural heritage of Telugu people in AP & TS."

​​​​​​A Few Key Accomplishments of Back to the Roots in the last 6 years:
Back to the Roots has reached out to 1200 villages, trained 2000 youth leaders and 16 of them have become Sarpanch (Village President) purely by service to their own villages.  Their dedicated and selfless service was recognized and received some awards.  One if the villages received a Swatch Bharat Mission Award and yet another village is Alcohol Free and Plastic Free. The results are now tangible, but this is just the beginning.  We have to expand the scope of the work and reach out to more villages and villagers to revive our time tested traditions. This is where, we think, we can do better, with your help, cooperation and involvement.

             - Outreach by walk (PadaYatras): 1200 villages, 9.5 lakh people
             - Swatch Bharat Mission Award:Narayanarajupeta, VSKP Dist.  [100% Toilets, Soak Pits, Roads, Drains, Water Filters,                           School, Panchayat Building, Govt. Schemes]
             - An Alcohol Free and Plastic Free Village: Kothapalem, VSKP Dist.
             - Social Responsibility & Leadership Training (YLTP): 2000 Youth
             - Ordinary citizen to Social Leader to Village President by Service: 16 Sarpanchs
            - 259 Toilets, 140 Soak Pits and 1000s in the pipeline with Govt Funding
            - 75 Gangalamma Stone Idols, 108 Puja Sets to EGAddateegala Tribal Villages
            - 175 Villages GramaDevataSammelan in Kakinada in 2014
            - Hudhud Cyclone: 300 Volunteers, Rs.15 Lakhs, food for people and cattle.
            - Yogathon/Yoga Day: 1.5 Lakh students, engaged 500 volunteers
            - Seed to Sapling, Tree Plantations: 15000 Lakshmi Taru, 1000s of other plants
            - Trainings in: RTI, Good Governance, Voter Awareness, Skills, Legal, Leadership (YLTP), Natural Farming
            - Zero Budget Chemical Free Farming Workshops (Rishi Krishi): 21 (1800 farmers)
            - Yoga, SudarshanKriya, Swatch Bharat, Blood Donation, Ayurveda Camps
            - Health Awareness, Sports, Model Village Projects, Fight Social Issues, motivation for toilets
Voter Awareness in 40 MLA and 25 MP Constituencies

YEAR 2016 Fund Raising and Awareness Tour, USA
Mr.SudhakarVeeravalli, Director, Back to the Roots is visiting USA after 4 years for spreading awareness of the needs, challenges, accomplishments, goals and the good work done over the last 6 years, and raising funds for sustenance and development of the project work.

 In years 2010 and 2012, we had done 193 Seminars throughout USA.  This included:
             - Home Talks with small groups of 10 to 20 people.  This was very effective and fruitful.
            - Talks and Booth setup at the annual events of prestigious organizations like TANA, ATA, NATS, NATA, BATA, Silicon                            Andhra, TCA-Houston, TCA-Austin, TAS St.Louis, Radio Interviews and such other events.
            - Presentations at Corporations and Universities.

If you would like to organized a Talk/Presentation in your city/company/University, please write to: or

                                                    A TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY THROUGH THE VILLAGES OF

                                                        HONORING OUR CULTURE, ENRICHING OUR VALUES
                                                              A Heart Warming and Inspiring Dialogue with

                                                           Mr.SUDHAKAR VEERAVALLI,Back to theRoots
(A dedicated volunteer and a grass roots Leadership Trainer, instrumental in transforming the face of villages by creating leaders for                                                                                              sustainable change.)

 He will share his transformative journey through the villages of India through Rural Empowerment, Leadership & Skills Training and Adoption of Villages.
                                                                                       Venue: <TBD>
                                                                  Date and Timings: <TBD>
                                                          PLEASE RSVP HERE: <setup an Evite or FB Event>
                         [To schedule a Seminar in your city, write to: or]
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We request your gracious presence for a thought provoking dialogue with SudhakarVeeravalli. 

About the Speaker:
SudhakarVeeravalli was born and raised in India. He studied at University of Texas and after 18 years as a successful engineer in the US, he began travelling to various villages in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The visit exposed him to harsh realities that currently engulf our rural hinterland. The situation thus inspired Sudhakar to leave behind a successful IT career, move back to India and create the “BACK TO THEROOTSPROJECT”, under the auspices of VedVignanMahavidyapeeth (VVM).

 With a deep sense of service and spirituality, he spent the last 7 years, working in the villages of Telugu States.  He has addressed thousands of villagers and youths about the importance of native cultures, traditions, non-violence, family values, unity, responsibility, national pride, Vedic Knowledge, health, hygiene, Ayurveda, Skills Training, support Goshalas and offered trainings in Zero Budget Chemical Free Farming, Good Governance and RTI.  He has empowered many villages to take responsibility and become self-sufficient.

This is important for us and our future generations.  Please spread the word and participate.

VedVignanMahaVidyaPeeth (VVM) is a 501©(3) non-profit educational humanitarian organization.

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Year 2010 & 2012: Fund Raising and Awareness Tour in USA:

Mr.SudhakarVeeravalli had done 193 Seminars in the following US Cities (2010 & 2012):
   -  California (CA): Apple Valley, LA, San Jose, SCLA, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Union City, Fremont, San Ramon, Dublin, Livermore
   -  Connecticut (CT): Hartford
   -  Delaware (DE): Hockessin
   -  Georgia (GA): Alpharetta, Atlanta
   -  Illinois (IL): Chicago, Naperville, Schaumburg, Peoria, Springfield, Urbana Champaign
   -  Kansas (KS): Kansas City, Overland Park, Shawnee Mission
   -  Maryland (MD): Laurel
   -  Massachusetts (MA): Woburn
   -  Missouri (MO): St.Louis
   -  New Jersey (NJ): Princeston, Metuchen
   -  New York (NY): New York City, Upstate NY
   -  North Carolina (NC): Boone, Charlotte
   -  Ohio: Columbus, Cincinnati
   -  Pennsylvania (PA): Saylorsburg, Allentown, Philadelphia
   -  Texas (TX): Dallas, Lewisville, Arlington, Plano, Richardson, Austin, Katy, Houston
   -  Virginia (VA): South Riding
   -  Wisconsin (WI): Brookfield, Pewaukee
   -  Washington DC
Jai Hind!

Sudhakar Veeravalli,


Back to the Roots Project