Key Accomplishments of Back to the Roots in the last 6 years

– Outreach by walk (Pada Yatras): 1200 villages, 9.5 lakh people

– Swatch Bharat Mission Award: Narayanarajupeta, VSKP Dist. [100% Toilets, Soak Pits, Roads, Drains, Water Filters, School, Panchayat Building, Govt. Schemes]

– An Alcohol Free and Plastic Free Village: Kothapalem, VSKP Dist.

– Social Responsibility & Leadership Training (YLTP): 2000 Youth

– Ordinary citizen to Social Leader to Village President by Service: 16 Sarpanchs

– 259 Toilets, 140 Soak Pits and 1000s in the pipeline with Govt Funding

– 75 Gangalamma Stone Idols, 108 Puja Sets to EG Addateegala Tribal Villages

– 175 Villages Grama Devata Sammelan in Kakinada in 2014

– Hudhud Cyclone: 300 Volunteers, Rs.15 Lakhs, food for people and cattle.

– Yogathon/Yoga Day: 1.5 Lakh students, engaged 500 volunteers

– Seed to Sapling, Tree Plantations: 15000 Lakshmi Taru, 1000s of other plants

– Trainings in: RTI, Good Governance, Voter Awareness, Skills, Legal, Leadership (YLTP), Natural Farming

– Zero Budget Chemical Free Farming Workshops (Rishi Krishi): 21 (1800 farmers)

– Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya, Swatch Bharat, Blood Donation, Ayurveda Camps

– Health Awareness, Sports, Model Village Projects, Fight Social Issues, motivation for toilets

– Voter Awareness in 40 MLA and 25 MP Constituencies