Updates & Upcoming  Plans for 2017 & 2018

Opening of Mineral Water Plant June 9th 2018.

A mineral plant of 1,000 liters/hour capacity was built. BTTR director Sudhakar garu started the plant on June 9th. This will provide drinking water to entire village at nominal costs that will be spent to take care of plant maintenance expenses.

Padayatra in Astanagurthy Village

Back to the Roots (BTTR) team consists of Sudhakar Garu, Chaitanya Kishore garu and foreigner group visited Astanagurthy and walked through the entire village (padaytra) on Septeber 14th. During this walk, BTTR team met with villagers, spoke with them and understood the village situation and requirements. The people from all parties, religions and classes are participated in this event and welcomed the BTTR group. It was never happened earlier in village history. There were about 500 people participated in padayatra. The event included 100 bikes rally, traditional stick dance (kolatam), Hindu and Christian priests’ prayers, and meetings happened at various places in village. Village leaders thanked BTTR team for their initiative of helping the village, promised that they will give their support to make Astanagurthy is a model village and requested to focus their efforts on following areas:

1. Farming
2. Health and Hygiene
3. Youth Leadership Training Programs and Vocation Skills
4. Mineral Water Plant to provide drinking Water to everyone at nominal costs
5. Value Based Education





Model Toilets

Back to the Roots (BTTR) supporting the Telengana Government’s initiative of building model toilets in
village. As the money provided by government is not sufficient to build toilets, BTTR motivated
beneficiaries to dig the pits for septic tanks and also providing partial financial support. BTTR provided
partial support of Rs. 1,600 to 85 families in building their model toilets and plans to provide Rs. 1,600 to
additional 60 families in first quarter of 2018. BTTR plans to inspect the existing toilets in village, provide
the missing parts such as door or roof and encourage everyone in the village to use toilets. As part of
Swachh Bharat camapaign, BTTR is currently encouraging the people in the village to use bathrooms and
wash the hands after the bathroom use to protect their family health and make the Astanagurthy
Village as Open Defecation Free (ODF) village by first half of 2018.

Medical Camps

An Ayurveda medical camp was conducted. 25 families were benefited from this camp.

Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP)

Eight youth was given Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) in Vizag for 9 days and benefitted with following:
– Leadership and team building skills
– Discipline and time management
– Communication skills and interpersonal relationships
– Responsibility and commitment
– Healthy, happy and energetic life

Yoga & Meditation Camp

Four-day yoga camp was conducted from January 9th to 12th to improve the overall wellbeingness of people in the village. Twenty people participated in the camp and learned yoga, breathing techniques, and also meditated.

Mineral Water Plant

A mineral plant of 1,000 liters/hour capacity is going to be built in first half of the year. This will provide drinking water to entire village at nominal costs that will be spent to take care of plant maintenance expenses. Geology tests were conducted to determine the appropriate location for bore on Jan 10th, 2018. The work will commence fourth week of February.

Tree Plantation

BTTR encouraging the people in the village to plant trees. Approximately 5,000 trees will be planted in 2018 in rainy season. BTTR team will provide the plants to all the families in the village along with fence and other materials. Each family will raise 3 to 5 plants.

Organic Farming

BTTR team plans to provide organic farming training to the farmers in village. Few farmers came forward to take the training and plan to start organic farming on a small scale this year.

Inkudu Gunthalu (Soaking Pits)

To preserve the water levels, Telengana State Government plans to build Inkudu Gunthalu (Soaking Pits) in village. BTTR youth leader trainees with take an active role on this project and help government to complete this project.

Community Room

A community room is going to be built in second half of the year, which will accommodate food donations and other general activities.

Key Accomplishments of Back to the Roots in the last 6 years

– Outreach by walk (Pada Yatras): 1200 villages, 9.5 lakh people

– Swatch Bharat Mission Award: Narayanarajupeta, VSKP Dist. [100% Toilets, Soak Pits, Roads, Drains, Water Filters, School, Panchayat Building, Govt. Schemes]

– An Alcohol Free and Plastic Free Village: Kothapalem, VSKP Dist.

– Social Responsibility & Leadership Training (YLTP): 2000 Youth

– Ordinary citizen to Social Leader to Village President by Service: 16 Sarpanchs

– 259 Toilets, 140 Soak Pits and 1000s in the pipeline with Govt Funding

– Hudhud Cyclone: 300 Volunteers, Rs.15 Lakhs, food for people and cattle.

– Yogathon/Yoga Day: 1.5 Lakh students, engaged 500 volunteers

– Seed to Sapling, Tree Plantations: 15000 Lakshmi Taru, 1000s of other plants

– Trainings in: RTI, Good Governance, Voter Awareness, Skills, Legal, Leadership (YLTP), Natural Farming

– Zero Budget Chemical Free Farming Workshops (Rishi Krishi): 21 (1800 farmers)

– Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya, Swatch Bharat, Blood Donation, Ayurveda Camps

– Health Awareness, Sports, Model Village Projects, Fight Social Issues, motivation for toilets

– Voter Awareness in 40 MLA and 25 MP Constituencies